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From Ben Dewey <>
Subject RE: Reporting on month of April - due Wed May 13
Date Wed, 13 May 2009 01:09:50 GMT
This link includes a step-by-step guide to gain access to cwiki.

From: Abu Obeida Bakhach []
Sent: Tuesday, May 12, 2009 3:02 PM
Subject: RE: Reporting on month of April - due Wed May 13

I agree. Once we finish voting on M1, release it (hopefully in a day or two?) then we should
start the M2 discussion.

Let's get your wiki permission first. Please email Daniel with your confluence ID. See the
attached or below for his instructions earlier on.


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From: Scott Golightly []
Sent: Tuesday, May 12, 2009 11:49 AM
Subject: RE: Reporting on month of April - due Wed May 13

I have read through the report and agree.

I would like to propose that we create a wiki page to begin discussing M2
and M3 ideas. I have a proposal I would like to make around identity
management. I think a wiki page with some background information would be a
good starting place. I would be willing to start the wiki discussion but I
apparently do not have rights to add/edit the wiki.

Scott Golightly

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From: Abu Obeida Bakhach []
Sent: Monday, May 11, 2009 5:38 PM
Subject: Reporting on month of April - due Wed May 13

Here is my proposed draft for April. I would appreciate your feedback on it,
either here on the DL or by directly modifying it on the SH project wiki

Please provide any comments by COB on Tuesday the 12th. After then I will
post the report to the main reporting site at


My proposed draft:

March Report:

Stonehenge has been incubating since December 2008. Stonehenge a set of
example applications for Service Oriented Architecture that spans languages
and platforms and demonstrates best practices and interoperability by using
currently defined W3C OASIS standard protocols.

In the month of April, the growing Stonehenge community has been very active
delivering on fixes for the PHP, Java and .NET implementations of a sample
app called stocktrader. Stocktrader is meant to be the first sample app that
demonstrates interoperability in Stonehenge.

Admin: The community is still learning the ropes of apache processes. A PPMC
is currently being setup to allow the nomination of several active
developers. Legal headers and logos have been updated in all code bases to
reflect Apache's brand.

Community: two new developers have joined. The current community has
intensified its effort around enabling a smooth installation experience of
the sample apps. Several documentations have been authored and iterated

Code: the community has identified and resolved many fixes towards the first
release. The first release, which is being voted on right now, is aimed
towards producing code and docs that enable a smooth interop experience
between the .NET, PHP and Java implementations of the StockTrader

Graduation map:
*         M1 should be released any day now.
*         Another iteration of improvements for stocktraded would constitute
the second release (M2)
*         A third release would be either adding more interop functionality
to stocktrader, or implementing a new sample application - M3

Neither M2 or M3 are discussed yet. As soon as M1 is complete the community
will discuss options for both releases required for graduation.
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