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From Ben Dewey <>
Subject RE: M2 Scope
Date Fri, 03 Jul 2009 04:19:19 GMT

I think an August release is an excellent goal.  I've tested #2(New .NET Config Phase #1)
and #5(Metro).  I can't see any reason why these two patches can't be committed in time. 

I think we should organize M2 patches in JIRA[1].  As of right now the following 'major' items
are in JIRA under M2, but not listed here as a priority on your list.

We should change the 'fix version' of any of these items that aren't a priority:

-STONEHENGE-4: create a java common namespace in trunk 
-STONEHENGE-8: create PERL client 
-STONEHENGE-15: encrypt .NET Connection Strings 
-STONEHENGE-52: change .NET Hosting Model (to IIS?) 
-STONEHENGE-53: create MySql for .NET 

See link [1] for the full list.

-Ben Dewey


-----Original Message-----
From: Kent Brown [] 
Sent: Thursday, July 02, 2009 4:45 PM
Subject: M2 Scope

I wanted to start a discussion of what we think the M2 release should look like.  Here is
the list of improvements I've seen discussed.  I figured it's best to get it all on one list
so we can all agree on what we want to bite off.

1) Updates to support claims-based security:
2) Config Service:
3) Expanding slightly the number of WS-Security scenarios we support.  I will provide some
concrete suggestions in this area next week.  I am thinking of just adding two or three new
security options.  Also making sure the bindings use the latest version of the WS-* specs
wherever possible.
4) Various minor refactorings and bug fixes.
5) Getting the Sun Metro code fully moved into trunk, fully implementing other M2 features,
interoperability testing against other stacks, and updated documentation for install and config.

The rough timeline I am thinking is to be finished with coding and testing by mid-August and
start the official release process with a hope to release by the end of August.



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