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From Ben Dewey <>
Subject RE: Metro Contribution
Date Fri, 07 Aug 2009 01:01:11 GMT
> the commands "ant deploy" were not working

The ant.bat wasn't found in your Path environment variable.  I created an ANT_HOME env variable
and added ;%ANT_HOME%\bin to my Path environment variable.  Also you can use 'where ant' in
a command line to test whether the path is found in the Path.

> Installing Metro

No need to install metro if you used my zip.  They're automatically copied from lib to glassfish
on ant deploy

> Installing Glassfish

I installed the glassfish executable (sges-2_1-windows.exe from,
and I start it using Start->Programs->Sun Microsystems->Application Server 2.1->Start
Default Server.   Might be easier than trying to build from source code.

-Ben Dewey

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From: Avantika Agrawal [] 
Sent: Thursday, August 06, 2009 5:41 PM
Subject: RE: Metro Contribution

Hi Ming,

I have been trying to set up Metro so that I can test the patches for SH-70 and SH-91. Here
are some issues I've been running into (I am using Win7 with the patch that Harold uploaded
for the metro folder and the lib folder that Ben sent out):
- I am not sure what the directory structure is supposed to look like for glassfish and metro.
Is the glassfish folder meant to be within metro? And is metro meant to be placed within the
- I had glassfish directly on my C:\ drive and although it installed correctly, the commands
"ant deploy" were not working. Instead, I had to specify the location of ant.bat i.e. I used
a command like C:\glassfish\lib\ant\bin\ant deploy
- Once I modified that command, I got the services to deploy successfully.
- I had to specify ANT_HOME as an environment variable (this wasn't mentioned in the documentation
so perhaps include it in there - the only environment variable mentioned is AS_HOME).
- When trying to start the glassfish server using asadmin.bat start-domain I get the following
CLI142 No domains in C:\glassfish\domains
CLI156 Could not start the domain undefined.
[Also I think there is a typo in the documentation - it says star-domain]

Let me know what you think is wrong. Looks like I haven't put the glassfish folder in the
correct place.

For now, I have just uploaded patched for SH-70 and SH-91. Take a look at these (the design
is as we discussed on a previous thread), but I could not test these completely as I was unable
to set up the metro services.


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From: Ming Jin []
Sent: Wednesday, August 05, 2009 11:54 PM
Subject: Re: Metro Contribution

Thanks, Ben
Please report to this mailing list if you got any question about Metro. That
would be a big help.

On Thu, Aug 6, 2009 at 1:00 PM, Ben Dewey <> wrote:

> I've committed the updated Metro code (STONEHENGE-90) to contrib.  I've
> tested and deployed it on my machine and  I must say it looks great.  It's
> nice to have the a client for the Metro stack.
> I think this code has great potential for being moved to the trunk.  That
> being said, I'd like some people test the metro contribution so that we can
> expedite the voting process to move Metro onto trunk as soon as possible.
> To Test:
> 1.       Get the latest metro code from contrib:
> svn co
> 2.       Follow the Install and Interop guide from documents/manual.doc
> document
> 3.       You'll need to download dependencies (instructions can be found in
> the README.txt)
> -Ben Dewey

Ming Jin

Thoughtworks, Inc
Mobile: +86 135-2125-6300
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