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From Michael Stroucken <>
Subject Re: svn commit: r948311 - in /incubator/tashi/trunk/etc: NodeManager.cfg TashiDefaults.cfg
Date Wed, 26 May 2010 14:04:02 GMT
Gass, Richard wrote:
> Michael, 
> The reason I feel that this change is necessary is make the initial setup process for
the first time user easier.  Today, I was helping a student that was trying to get Tashi up
and running.  The configuration file (TashiDefaults) has "clustermanger" for about nine different
config options, (some for usernames, some for a password, and for hosts).  I realize this
is an example config file and local changes should be done on your local version.  However,
the defaults, having the same name for multiple options can be confusing.  By setting the
 "host = localhost", the default config file will allow Tashi to startup without issues or
modification (on a single machine setup anyways).
> If you don't like the change, then I propose to make each example option more descriptive(e.g.,
username = clustermanagerusername, password = clustermanagerpassword, host = clustermanagerhostnameorip,
or something similar) as to not confuse the excited first time user that just wants to get
Tashi up and running. (It took me a few minutes to figure out what was going on...).  We should
also update the documentation on the website and explicitly say to check the hostname in the
config file.

The documentation refers to "clustermanager" as the cluster manager 
node, and the need to change it.

> Do we take a poll on this change or what?
I agree we should change things to clustermanagerhost, 
clustermanageruser etc.

> Also, 
> I think we should change "vmm = Tashi.nodemanager.vmcontrol.Qemu" in both TashiDefaults.cfg
and NodeManager.cfg since one is currently set to Qemu and the other is set to Xen.

Sure, I'll make those changes later.


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