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From Leo Simons <>
Subject Welcome to triplesoup!
Date Mon, 12 Feb 2007 15:33:27 GMT
Hi all!

  * We have our mailing lists (triplesoup-dev@, triplesoup-private@  
and triplesoup-commits@) set up, and the same is true for our SVN area.
  * An account request for Alberto is pending (should go through  
within a few days, as root@ gets around to creating a batch of  
accounts), an account request for Andrea will be sent as soon as he  
lets me know his preferred userid, and an account for Dave is held up  
over some legal stuff between his employer and the ASF (which might  
take a few weeks to resolve, I'm afraid). All our other initial  
committers had accounts already :-)
  * We have a jira project set up:
    A bunch of you don't have accounts there yet (you can create
    a jira account yourself), so we can't grant you "developer"
    jira karma just yet, but just holler here as you start needing
  * We have an SVN repository waiting for attention:
  * And a website waiting for attention:
  * there's some more basic stuff coming, like a wiki

Code donations
  * hopefully Joost will get the paperwork for libb sent by today,  
which, once recorded by the ASF secrary, will allow us to import the  
initial code drop into the ASF repository.

  * the donation of RDFStore is pending a response to a question I  
sent Cliff Schmidt (apache's VP of legal affairs) about how to handle  
a grant from multiple independent parties. If I don't hear something  
definite by the end of the week we'll start an import without the  
grant (since its already apache-licensed) and deal with it later.

  * I just pinged David about sending a grant for mod_sparql; don't  
know the detailed status.

We're going to have to do two main concrete things besides be a  
normal healthy open source project (growing community, writing code,  
doing design, having lots of interesting design discussions on this  
mailing list, drinking beer during Apachecons, inviting new  
committers, inviting people onto the "PPMC", and such and so forth):

   (1) Keep
   (2) send a report once every three months to the incubator PMC  
according to the schedule at

There's a lot of stuff on the incubator website about how apache  
projects operate. The two important pages to start from are

Now what?
My main focus for the first while is going to be getting all our  
infrastructure nicely in place, sort out the code donations (on the  
ASF end) and some initial repository structure, i.e. a bunch of  
boring stuff that's not so easy to figure out at apache that I've  
done before and have access to machines for :-)

Beyond that, I know *I* am not all that ready to write loads of C  
(pending getting our infrastructure set up, I've been trying to hack  
together some more extensive test suite setup, but its not exactly  
pretty), so really its up to you guys!

happy hacking!

- Leo

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