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From Stefano Mazzocchi <>
Subject Re: Welcome to triplesoup!
Date Thu, 15 Feb 2007 17:57:56 GMT
Leo Simons wrote:
> Hi all!
> Infrastructure
> --------------
>  * We have our mailing lists (triplesoup-dev@, triplesoup-private@ and
> triplesoup-commits@) set up, and the same is true for our SVN area.
>  * An account request for Alberto is pending (should go through within a
> few days, as root@ gets around to creating a batch of accounts), an
> account request for Andrea will be sent as soon as he lets me know his
> preferred userid, and an account for Dave is held up over some legal
> stuff between his employer and the ASF (which might take a few weeks to
> resolve, I'm afraid). All our other initial committers had accounts
> already :-)
>  * We have a jira project set up:
>    A bunch of you don't have accounts there yet (you can create
>    a jira account yourself), so we can't grant you "developer"
>    jira karma just yet, but just holler here as you start needing
>    it
>  * We have an SVN repository waiting for attention:
>  * And a website waiting for attention:
>  * there's some more basic stuff coming, like a wiki
> Code donations
> --------------
>  * hopefully Joost will get the paperwork for libb sent by today, which,
> once recorded by the ASF secrary, will allow us to import the initial
> code drop into the ASF repository.
>  * the donation of RDFStore is pending a response to a question I sent
> Cliff Schmidt (apache's VP of legal affairs) about how to handle a grant
> from multiple independent parties. If I don't hear something definite by
> the end of the week we'll start an import without the grant (since its
> already apache-licensed) and deal with it later.
>  * I just pinged David about sending a grant for mod_sparql; don't know
> the detailed status.
> Incubation
> ----------
> We're going to have to do two main concrete things besides be a normal
> healthy open source project (growing community, writing code, doing
> design, having lots of interesting design discussions on this mailing
> list, drinking beer during Apachecons, inviting new committers, inviting
> people onto the "PPMC", and such and so forth):
>   (1) Keep
>       up-to-date
>   (2) send a report once every three months to the incubator PMC
> according to the schedule at
> There's a lot of stuff on the incubator website about how apache
> projects operate. The two important pages to start from are
> Now what?
> ---------
> My main focus for the first while is going to be getting all our
> infrastructure nicely in place, sort out the code donations (on the ASF
> end) and some initial repository structure, i.e. a bunch of boring stuff
> that's not so easy to figure out at apache that I've done before and
> have access to machines for :-)
> Beyond that, I know *I* am not all that ready to write loads of C
> (pending getting our infrastructure set up, I've been trying to hack
> together some more extensive test suite setup, but its not exactly
> pretty), so really its up to you guys!

Maybe it's easier if we have todo list somewhere?


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