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From Leo Simons <>
Subject [proposal] two bulk updates to libb
Date Wed, 21 Feb 2007 22:24:18 GMT
Hi gang,

Revision 510255 is an initial import of libb as Joost put it on the  
web a while back. I would like to suggest that, before we move it  
into code/trunk proper, we allow for two bulk updates

   (1) to synchronize with changes made in Joost's repository from  
r52393 through r57733 (or thereabouts),
       improvements including

       * proper autotools-based build
       * initial journalling support
       * some smaller misc. fixes and improvements

   (2) to make the license headers and notice files compliant with  
ASF policy

The reason to do (1) first and then (2) is that its easier :-)

Any objections to this? (of course, there'd still be ample  
opportunity to object to the specifics of the code later, or better  
yet, fix it, this is just about the process :-))

These would be the last two bulk updates; after which some Joost  
people (a.k.a. baku :-)) will have to figure out how to juggle things  
around so we can work directly inside the ASF SVN repository...its a  
bit of challenge since its sorta all embedded in two continuously  
merged vendor branches with special patches on top; great fun :-)


- Leo

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