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From Leo Simons <>
Subject where do you want to go?
Date Fri, 08 Jun 2007 17:58:04 GMT
Hey gang,

Concern: projects that don't move will wither and die, and at the  
moment, we're
not really moving, or at least not fast enough to notice. This is the  
message to this mailing list in a month, and the last commit was  
a month ago, too.

On and off, I've talked about this a little bit with most of the  
participants, in
private. It seems everyone has a very plausible personal reason to  
not be
contributing that much at the moment or perhaps just not in the way  
they had
planned when we first started talking about doing this project about,  
oh, a year

So, this leads us to the question: what do y'all want to do?

If our shared answer is "well <x> and <y> and <z>, we're just a bit  
busy with
some other stuff right now, but we'll get to it", that's fine,  
there's not really
a rush or anything.

If our answer is "dunno", that's fine, and we can just get to work on  
that out, and the question becomes how to do *that*.

If the answer is "nothing", that's fine, too, and we can slowly and  
close down again.

And there's other answers of course, too.

Which one is it for you?



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