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From Leo Simons <>
Subject Re: where do you want to go?
Date Fri, 08 Jun 2007 18:12:03 GMT
On Jun 8, 2007, at 7:58 PM, Leo Simons wrote:
> what do y'all want to do?
> If our shared answer is "well <x> and <y> and <z>, we're just a bit
> busy with
> some other stuff right now, but we'll get to it", that's fine,  
> there's not really
> a rush or anything.
> If our answer is "dunno", that's fine, and we can just get to work  
> on figuring
> that out, and the question becomes how to do *that*.
> If the answer is "nothing", that's fine, too, and we can slowly and  
> silently
> close down again.
> And there's other answers of course, too.
> Which one is it for you?

For me, hacking on 3soup has been an almost permanent "I'll get to it  
thing. As an example, that email I just sent sat in my draft folder  
for a week or


What I liked most about this project idea initially was the huge  
opportunity to
combine some ideas and designs and goals from other projects I've  
worked on and
work on them at apache, of course with some cool people (that's  
you! :-)). Part of
that idea also was that I could do some of that work as a regular  
part of my day
job, since my employer seems to have a bit of a need for a project  
like this one...

But currently, it seems "day job" and associated mind set are taking  
me in a
direction that's a bit different. I haven't been doing much coding,  
for work that
is, for a while now and it doesn't look that will change soon. I keep  
meaning to
have some 'context switching' between "work think" and "hacker think"  
and be like
Neo - regular job during the day, hacker at night, but the context  
switch keeps
being regular job during the day, in the pub at night!

I hope to be moving house sometime soon-ish, and when I finish that  
it should
free up quite a bit of my time and energy, of which I figure some  
will go to
triplesoup, but that'll be a while. But then it is mid-summer, and  
based on
measurement of previous years I don't use my computer as much during the
summer :-).



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