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From Bill Dudney <>
Subject Re: status of infraststructure items
Date Sun, 18 Dec 2005 03:19:32 GMT
> This great for wadi plugins, but I think Bill has already moved the  
> most
> up-to-date wadi into Apache.  Everyone should be working off the  
> Apache
> SVN right now.

Core and everything but the lgpl related code is now @ apache and  
everyone should be working from that code base.

Anything that is checked into the codehaus CVS repo to that code  
(everything but jgroups & jboss) will be lost so please don't do  
that :-)

> For Codehaus...what needs to be done is gut everything, leaving only
> JBoss and JGroups in SVN.  This entails removing most modules and the
> parent.  The wadi-site probably needs updating reflecting it as
> wadi-plugins.  There is a fair amount of work to be done here...we
> probably should list out the tasks on this one.
> Comments?

I was hoping to get exactly what we have moved straight to SVN along  
with history and everything. Then we could easily get back to any old  
code that we needed to.

my plan is to create an attic (really a branch of what was moved) in  
SVN where all the old code is still avalible.

So this is roughly what I'd like Bruce to create;

CVS Head (including history if possible) -> SVN trunk @ codehaus -  
branches and tags in CVS can be ignored unless there is some branch/ 
tag that was abandoned that Jules thinks we might want to go after  
again. The branches and tags don't need to be left out, just do which  
ever is easier.

The I will do the following

1) Tag the code as 'left for apache' or something like that.
2) From trunk remove all the code that was moved to apache and  
rearrange and clean up pom's - this will leave behind only the jboss  
& jgroups code

Something like this - your feedback is appreciated;


Then from tags/left_for_apache we can get at the old code.

> Can we not rebrand our m2 and use that for the main site?  Or do we  
> need
> to use a special incubator wrapper?  We have done so much to our home
> page, it would be great to incorporate the incubator headers and  
> let m2
> handle the rest.  What are the policies on this?

I'm definitely +1 on using the site that m2 produces.

>> 3) Request an upgrade of Fisheye at the Codehaus - Being that the
>> title of the #codehaus channel this morning is 'Any person asking for
>> FishEye 1.1 is liable to be kicked, banned, and win an hour being the
>> meat in a fate and dkk sandwich.' I don't believe it is wise for  
>> me to
>> add insult to injury and make yet another request for the upgrade.
>> I'll just keep an eye on the progress.
> +1.

Come on Bruce - sandwiched between fate and dkk - what could be more  
fun :-)



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