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From Jules Gosnell <>
Subject Re: [wadi-dev] Fwd: Move to Geronimo Incubator - PAUSED.
Date Tue, 20 Dec 2005 15:54:44 GMT
Bruce Snyder wrote:

>On 12/20/05, Geir Magnusson Jr. <> wrote:
>>Taking another run at this...
>>What's the issue w/ Geronimo 1.0?  That's almost done, and the last
>>thing *that* project needs is more changes at this point.  So really
>>- what's the real issue here?
>>One thing that's different about ASF projects is that there isn't a
>>Despot by name.  There are "Despot"-like people by community respect,
>>and they simply are able to voice concerns and convince people that
>>the way they wish to go is the right way.  You are such a person -
>>you can voice your concerns, and we'll discuss and react.
>>In this case, you just tried to take control - IMO, you can't here at
>>the incubator.  In a sense, you are forking it back to Codehaus.
>>This would be a terrible outcome.
>>I didn't know the issues you raised (maybe I should have) and am
>>happy to help do what I can to get them fixed.  So, please - re-think
>>this and lets get things sorted and squared away now...
>Well said, Geir. Speaking as a member of the sponsoring PMC,
>completely stopping the move and reverting to the Codeahaus CVS repo
>at this point will not look good to the Incubator. Here's a suggestion
>- rather than stopping the entire move, how about we identify
>outstanding issues, create JIRA tasks for each of them and begin
>dividing up the work? I believe we can fix every single one of these
>issues in a day or two.
Hi Bruce,

No-one is 'stopping and reverting'. I am pausing until I consider that 
everything required for the move is in place.

If you would like to work through the issues that I have outlined, that 
would be great, but I would rather that people put testing and 
documenting the Geronimo integration at the top of their lists at the 
moment. Geronimo-1.0's release is imminent and important. We have as 
long as we like to complete the move to the incubator. Why such a rush 
into the incubator ?


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