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From Bill Dudney <>
Subject [proposal] Re: [long but important] importing cvs history
Date Tue, 27 Dec 2005 11:51:55 GMT
Hi Jules,

I have no problem with you taking on this piece.

I think its better to perform the (pre-migration) changes you suggest  
in SVN though for a several reasons;
-- History - as you move packages around you will loose history in CVS
-- Maven 2 Changes - as the changes are redone to get us back on the  
m2 standard layout you will loose more history
-- Team - the rest of the team is ready to help but having this two  
repository story is slowing/stopping everyone - we need a resolution  
-- Changes - The existing changes (m2 & amq4) against the code base  
are going to be lost the sooner we can get the changes redone the  
sooner we can start to validate the changes in amq4 against the  
peer:// protocol.

I think Bruce can get the migration of CVS history over to a new SVN  
repo on Apache in short order. Why don't we let him do that so that  
you will not loose any more history.

Bruce - I have the history of changes that I did against the Apache  
SVN so deleting the Apache SVN and building a new one containing the  
history would be fine.

Thanks for the pointer to the thread on general@incubator from what  
I've read (as you suggested) its OK to import (L)GPL related code so  
we should probably just do it.

This is more or less approach 2 outlined in my original message  
(except for additional changes against CVS on codehaus). I would like  
for us to get started on the move to using only Apache SVN asap.

So I propose that we move the code and history over now with Jules at  
the helm and Bruce providing logistic support.
[ ] +1 - lets get the move done asap
[ ] 0 - don't care either way
[ ] -1 - lets perform the changes on codehaus CVS


Bill Dudney
MyFaces -
Wadi -

On Dec 24, 2005, at 3:12 AM, Jules Gosnell wrote:

> I've given this further thought and decided that seeing as I am  
> probably the one who feels strongest about how this is done, and  
> that it marks the symbolic handover of my creation to ASF, I should  
> like do this piece of the migration.
> I also have a few pre migration changes that I want to get into  
> codehaus cvs before we go and a further couple of package changes  
> that I want to implement.... both before and after...
> Any issues with this ?
> Jules
> Jules Gosnell wrote:
>> I'm not worried about the minutiae - but here is how I suggest it  
>> is done.
>> - codehaus CVS stays completely intact.
>> - a complete copy of codehas cvs is imported into incubator svn
>> - a complete copy is imported to codehaus svn
>> - relevant pieces are removed from incubator cvs (if they were  
>> never allowed to be there, this may have to be done in a single  
>> stage with the import)
>> - relevant pieces are moved from codehaus svn
>> - codehaus cvs remains unchanged, so we can rollback in case of  
>> emeergency
>> - we then build a dev environment on top of incubator and codehaus  
>> svn
>> - when this works, we can move forward on top of it - the build  
>> system wil need changing to accomodate two locations, and  
>> interconnecting deps
>> - finally when everything is working again, we can think of e.g.  
>> repackaging via an ide across both locations etc.
>> how does that sound ?
>> Jules
>> Bill Dudney wrote:
>>> On Dec 23, 2005, at 7:16 AM, Geir Magnusson Jr. wrote:
>>>> On Dec 23, 2005, at 8:31 AM, Bill Dudney wrote:
>>>>> Hi All,
>>>>> We need to decide what we are going to do about getting the   
>>>>> codehaus CVS history into our apache SVN repo.
>>>>> I would like this decided soon because I have several changes   
>>>>> related to getting to the next ActiveCluster version that I'd   
>>>>> really like to get checked in.
>>>>> I see at least 2 options;
>>>>> 1) Leave the history on codehaus in a codehaus SVN repo (Bruce  
>>>>> can  convert existing CVS to SVN fairly quickly from what I  
>>>>> understand)  - conversion to SVN has to be done anyway because  
>>>>> we have ongoing  development of the GPL/LGPL bits (JBoss &  
>>>>> JGroups) to contend  with. Initally this would look something  
>>>>> like this (summarized  from a discussion started Dec 17th);
>>>>> Bruce:
>>>>> CVS Head (including history if possible) -> SVN trunk @  
>>>>> codehaus -  branches and tags in CVS can be ignored unless  
>>>>> there is some  branch/tag that was abandoned that Jules thinks  
>>>>> we might want to  go after again. The branches and tags don't  
>>>>> need to be left out,  just do which ever is easier.
>>>>> Bill:
>>>>> a) Tag the code as 'left for apache' or something like that.
>>>>> b) From trunk remove all the code that was moved to apache and   
>>>>> rearrange and clean up pom's - this will leave behind only the   
>>>>> jboss & jgroups code
>>>>> Something like this - your feedback is appreciated;
>>>> How about just get the CVS tree and we import that?  We have  
>>>> the  ability here at the ASF....
>>> Not sure I follow, tar the CVS tree on codehaus, copy it over to  
>>> ASF  then import from there?
>>> That would be fine and is close to what I'm proposing below.  
>>> However  it does have the complexities that there are LGPL/GPL  
>>> dependencies in  the CVS tree that are not part of what is  
>>> currently in SVN on apache,  we want to leave the LGPL/GPL  
>>> related code on codehaus (i.e.  integration with JBoss & JGroups).
>>> Thanks again,
>>> -bd-
>>>> geir
>>>>>     trunk/
>>>>>         jgroups
>>>>>         jboss
>>>>> Then from tags/left_for_apache we can get at the old code and  
>>>>> all  its history, going forward only jboss & jgroups related  
>>>>> code will  be developed @ codehaus.
>>>>> 2) Move the entire history of our code over to apache. From   
>>>>> discussion with Noel B. @ apachecon this is not standard  
>>>>> operating  procedure but one of the emails we got from Geir  
>>>>> made me think its  no big deal (Geir input appreciated). This  
>>>>> route would be good  because it preserves all the history for  
>>>>> us in one place.
>>>>> However it does come with a couple of challenges;
>>>>> a) We have changes in the SVN on apache to get us to AMQ 4.0-  
>>>>> SNAPSHOT, these changes are not huge but it was several code   
>>>>> changes and it would be a pain to go back and redo them.
>>>>> b) The CVS history has GPL/LGPL related code in it (i.e. the  
>>>>> JBoss  & JGroups stuff) so my guess is that we'd have to do  
>>>>> some  selective pruning of the CVS history to make that happen.  
>>>>> Perhaps  we could do something clever like move the whole  
>>>>> history set over  to svn, then since I'll be moving everything  
>>>>> around to get rid of  the stuff me moved to apache I could make  
>>>>> 2 sets/branches/tags one  with the stuff we moved and one  
>>>>> without. We could then move only  the history of the code that  
>>>>> was moved. Bruce: I'm not sure how  complex it is to get  
>>>>> history moved from one svn repo to another,  any thoughts there?
>>>>> Anyway thanks for sticking with me through this long email.  
>>>>> Your  feedback and thoughts are, as always, welcome.
>>>>> TTFN,
>>>>> Bill Dudney
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>>>>> Wadi -
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