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From Bill Dudney <>
Subject move from string back to destination
Date Fri, 16 Dec 2005 17:18:52 GMT
Hi All,

As I posted earlier the Wadi team is moving from AMQ 3.2.1 to AMQ4.0.  
As part of that I've been looking at the changes to ActiveCluster.  
The api appears to have moved from being Destination based to String  

At one point Jeff Genender with the assistance of the amq team built  
an older version of the source for us to use and that is working fine  
for now, but we'd like to get in sync with your code base asap. From  
what I understand there was some talk of reverting the ActiveCluster  
code back to being Destination based. I'm looking for suggestions on  
what is the best way for the Wadi team to proceed. If the  
ActiveCluster team is planning to move back to destinations then we  
will wait for that.

We can move to the string based code but it will require quite a bit  
of modification. Our preference would be to have the ActiveCluster  
code revert (cause its lots less work for us :).

Thanks for you input.


Bill Dudney
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