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From Bruce Snyder <>
Subject status of infraststructure items
Date Sat, 17 Dec 2005 16:35:09 GMT
I've got some tasks on my plate that directly affect WADI and I'd like
to give everyone a status on them.

1) Covert WADI CVS to SVN at the Codehaus - I was finally able to
catch Pete and ask him the procedure for this so now I think I know
what needs to be done. But before I do the conversion we need to
decide when the cutover should take place. I don't want to stop
someone from committing a bunch of changes on which they may already
be working. You guys tell me when you're ready and I'll make it

2) Move the WADI website to the ASF - This task is dependent upon
another task to get Confluence set up at the ASF in such a way that
it's being used *only* to modify a website. The idea is that we're
going to use something like Confluenza (which was available at the
Codehaus) that slurps content from Confluence into static HTML that
can be easily hosted and checked into SVN. The whole problem with
using Confluence at the ASF is that it can be easily Slashdotted
because it writes cache busting headers (ick). As an interim solution,
I think it would be better to move a static copy of the website to the
ASF rather than have nothing at all. I'm going to pursue this for the
time being and when the Confluence solution is available we'll switch

3) Request an upgrade of Fisheye at the Codehaus - Being that the
title of the #codehaus channel this morning is 'Any person asking for
FishEye 1.1 is liable to be kicked, banned, and win an hour being the
meat in a fate and dkk sandwich.' I don't believe it is wise for me to
add insult to injury and make yet another request for the upgrade.
I'll just keep an eye on the progress.

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