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From Bill Dudney <>
Subject Re: activecluster
Date Thu, 22 Dec 2005 16:28:30 GMT
On Dec 22, 2005, at 9:17 AM, Geir Magnusson Jr. wrote:

> On Dec 22, 2005, at 10:56 AM, Bill Dudney wrote:
>> Hi All,
>> Good news on the ActiveCluster front. Rob has already committed  
>> the changes to AC to revert to the Destination based API and has  
>> added bits to make Sonic work under AC too so both issues are  
>> solved and we have very little to no work to upgrade to the new  
>> version.
>> They are working towards a 4.0-M4 release of AMQ which will  
>> include the 1.3-M1 (not sure on the AC version number but this is  
>> close) version of AC. These new version will also include package  
>> name changes for their move to apache. This is all good news for us.
>> The bad news is that during this transition period we will have to  
>> build and post to Jeff's codehaus repo until their release.
> Why?

Just to have a place for m2 to download the jar files from so that we  
don't all have to build. I'm not an m2 expert but from what I recall  
we get better performance from fewer repositories. So instead of  
creating a new one in my home dir @apache I was thinking of putting  
the bits into Jeff's existing repo.

>> Our build will essentially be a point in time build form the  
>> current source tree when they get the changes for package names  
>> checked in. I'll do a mass migration of our import statements do  
>> another build of AMQ and publish to Jeff's codehaus repo and then  
>> check in our code.
>> Thoughts & Comments as always welcome.
> Why not publish to a local repo here?

Good idea, I will try to make that happen today (i.e. get a build of  
AMQ for us into my homedir on Jeff, perhaps we  
could relocate all your codehaus maven repo bits to either your home  
dir on apache or mine so we don't have to add another repo to  
download from? We can consolidate them to either spot (yours or mine).


Bill Dudney
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