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From Bill Dudney <>
Subject [long] amq4 update
Date Fri, 16 Dec 2005 13:54:47 GMT
Hi All,

I wanted to get you all an update on where things are with the move  
to amq4.

* getting amq, aio & acluster built with m2 is not straightforward -  
there are a couple of things (mostly small pom things) but one big  
one. There is a bug in maven 2's RAR plugin that prevents the  
successful build of amq 4.0. I got it to work but had to build the  
rar plugin from source, prob not something that everyone want's to  
do :-) I see a couple of ways around this --
	** I could build amq 4 and friends and publish to Jeff's repo on  
codehaus - also give back the pom.xml patches required to get amq4  
building of course
	** we could download the amq 4-M3 build from codehaus and manually  
install it via;

		mvn install:install-file -Dfile=./activemq-core-${version}.jar - 
DartifactId=activemq-core -DgroupId=org.apache.activemq - 
Dversion=4.0M3 -Dpackaging=jar

	I like the mvn install:install-file option because it does not  
require us (i.e. me:) to maintain a separate version of the amq build  
and when the amq team goes to m2 we will have little to do but mvn - 
cpu to get their 'official' distribution. (BTW James S. do you guys  
know when you will be moving to m2?)

* there are a few api changes to deal with in our move to amq4. I'm  
going to do the following to mitigate the impact of these changes;
	** create a branch that will remain on amq 3.2.1 - this will give us  
a place to do required maintenance for G1 if need be, although I'd  
really like for us to do nothing in this branch if we can get away  
with it. The branch will remain 2.0M1-SNAPSHOT, trunk will switch to  
	** Trunk will have the changes to get to amq4 - also there was a  
dependency on an activecluster 'point in time build' that we will get  
away from on our trunk starting now.

I will wait to check anything into the trunk until we get the amq 4  
build stuff decided because once its in there is no way to build  
unless we have done one of the two options.

Thanks for sticking with me through this long email :-)



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