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From Jules Gosnell <>
Subject Re: [wadi-dev] Cargo support for Jetty
Date Tue, 24 Jan 2006 09:40:58 GMT
Jan Bartel wrote:

> Hi Wadi-ers,
> I've now got Jetty5x and Jetty6x support into Cargo. The Cargo 
> community was kind enough to make me a committer so I'll be able to 
> maintain it too.
> So, we should now be able to update the WADI build for Jetty5 and 
> Jetty6 to use Cargo. If there are any
> issues or questions, just let me know.

Sounds cool :-)

A few questions:

My understanding is that Cargo provides a common platform for lifecycle 
operations on both container and app, across e.g. Jetty and TC...?
Is it JSR77/88 compliant ?
How specifically do you see it being involved in the build - integration 
testing - have you seen what Bill has done with cargo, etc...
Can we do with TC what you are thinking of doing with Jetty ? - how 
about other containers - JBoss, Geronimo etc ...

Thatnks Jan,


> cheers all
> Jan

"Open Source is a self-assembling organism. You dangle a piece of
string into a super-saturated solution and a whole operating-system
crystallises out around it."

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