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From Apache Wiki <>
Subject [Incubator-yoko Wiki] Update of "WsdlToIdl" by edellnolan
Date Fri, 14 Jul 2006 15:03:10 GMT
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The following page has been changed by edellnolan:

New page:
== WSDLToIDLDevPlan ==
== Summary of Requirements Being Addressed ==

A tool that can 
 *Take a wsdl file with a portType and produce an idl file for that portType 
 *Take a wsdl file with a portType and add a CorbaBinding and output a new wsdl file with
the corbaBinding 
 *Take a wsdl file with a CorbaBinding and produce an idl file for that CorbaBinding.

== Summary of Proposed Solution ==
The proposed solution is to use jwsdl (wsdl4j reference implementation) to implement the model
for the wsdl file and define idltype classes to represent this information in idl. 
Define a corba binding schema for Yoko. 

To get corba type classes generated to represent the corbatypes in the corba binding we will
use the xsdtojava tool in celtix and use jwsdl extensionregistry and celtix's JAXBExtensionHelper
class to add the corba extenstions to the model so we can have a complete model of a wsdl
file with a corba binding. 

So then for the purpose of having a corbaBinding and generating the idl - you need to traverse
the CorbaBinding, get its operations that match those in the PortType from which you get the
operation's input and output and then match these Corba Types to idlTypes. 

Likewise when adding a corbaBinding we need to Setup the extension elements and to do this
we need to map the schema types of the input/ouput to Corba types and then build up the corba
binding and operations with the corba types and add these to the Corba Binding. 

The Binding, PortType, Messages etc will be got using jwsdl. 

We need to define how the following mappings are done. 
 *Map the schema types to CORBA Types 
 *Map the CORBA Types to idlTypes. 

For these mappings the proposal is to use the apache Schema project api's. The project is

For each set of tasks we need to setup and write unit tests and system tests. Make sure it
conforms to checkstyle. We need to conform to the coding standard used in Yoko. 

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