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From "Kosuru, Prasadarao" <>
Subject RE: Getting Yoko to compile
Date Tue, 28 Mar 2006 11:29:37 GMT
Hi Andreas,

I had the same problem while building yoko. To get around the problem
that you mentioned I had to set the fork option to false along with the
following in maven-compiler-plugin configuration and everything went
But this has to be fixed correctly one should use java.endorsed.dirs
system property. I've not tried that yet though.


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From: Anders Hessellund Jensen [] 
Sent: 28 March 2006 11:09
Subject: Getting Yoko to compile

I'm having quite a bit of trouble getting Yoko to compile.

The problem is the fact that Sun provides org.omg.* classes in the JDK
on the boot class path. I suppose other JDK's behave in a similar way.

Yoko provides its own org.omg.* classes, but the problem is to use Yokos
classes instead of the ones provided by Sun.

One approach to this is to override the boot class path passed to the
compiler / junit tests. This will require forking the compiler process,
which is currently not possible on Windows XP with maven 2 due to a
restriction on the size of the argument list that can be passed to the
compiler. The argument list can be only 8192 characters long, which is
insufficient. Another problem is figuring out the boot class path in a
cross-platform way. With Suns JDK the boot class path is accessible
through the sun.boot.class.path system property.

Another approach might be to require developers on Yoko to create a
modified JDK with the org.omg.* classes ripped out. I would certainly
consider this a last resort fix to the problem.

Any ideas to how we solve this problem?

Best regards,

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