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From "Conrad O'Dea" <>
Subject Re: Getting Yoko to compile
Date Tue, 28 Mar 2006 11:21:19 GMT

Hi Anders,

it's possible to override the org.omg.* classes used by the JDK using  
the endorsed standards override mechanism [1].  This lets you specify  
a different set of classes to be used by the JDK.  Now, I've no idea  
how well this is supported by Maven 2.   A mail to the maven-users  
mail list may be needed.



On 28 Mar 2006, at 11:09, Anders Hessellund Jensen wrote:

> I'm having quite a bit of trouble getting Yoko to compile.
> The problem is the fact that Sun provides org.omg.* classes in the  
> JDK on the boot class path. I suppose other JDK's behave in a  
> similar way.
> Yoko provides its own org.omg.* classes, but the problem is to use  
> Yokos classes instead of the ones provided by Sun.
> One approach to this is to override the boot class path passed to  
> the compiler / junit tests. This will require forking the compiler  
> process, which is currently not possible on Windows XP with maven 2  
> due to a restriction on the size of the argument list that can be  
> passed to the compiler. The argument list can be only 8192  
> characters long, which is insufficient. Another problem is figuring  
> out the boot class path in a cross-platform way. With Suns JDK the  
> boot class path is accessible through the sun.boot.class.path  
> system property.
> Another approach might be to require developers on Yoko to create a  
> modified JDK with the org.omg.* classes ripped out. I would  
> certainly consider this a last resort fix to the problem.
> Any ideas to how we solve this problem?
> Best regards,
> Anders

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