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From Lars K├╝hne <>
Subject Re: Next Steps for Project Yoko : A Proposal
Date Thu, 15 Nov 2007 22:43:51 GMT
Hi Matt,

thanks for driving things forward.

Matt Hogstrom wrote:
> For now, please review this proposal and post your comments and input.
> [...]
> The proposed division is:
> yoko-spec-corba - this is the org.omg interface classes.
> rmi-spec - this is the javax.rmi spec implementation
> core - This is the actual ORB implementation.
> rmi-impl - This is the implementation of the RMIIIOP support.
> These modules are also used by Harmony.

I think the module division is correct, but I wonder if now is the right 
time for core to try leaving the incubator.

Probably not a lot has changed since last February [1], when we found 
out that nobody here really has a high level overview over the complete 
ORB code (please speak up if I misinterpreted that thread). Can we 
really support all of the core code? Currently it seems we're not even 
ready to review patches from the user community, like the one in YOKO-413.

My "high level development docs" questions from the "Documentation / 
Graduation" thread [2] are also still unanswered, and they probably can 
only be answered by the original authors of the code. Most of those 
questions are being tracked in JIRA [3]. Note that Alan set their Fix 
Version to "Incubation" when he created those issues, so I guess he 
agrees that high level development docs are relevant for leaving the 



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