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From Matt Hogstrom <>
Subject Next Steps for Project Yoko : A Proposal
Date Thu, 15 Nov 2007 14:41:15 GMT
I'm following up on a previous todo that was constructing a proposal  
to CXF and Geronimo for absorbing the code-base of Yoko.  Rick McGuire  
gently nudged me yesterday to remind me about this (thanks Rick) and  
graciously offered to help propose the division.  This note is a  
consolidation of that work.

I believe the easiest way to proceed is to draft a proposal that we  
will send to both Apache Geronimo and Apache CXF.  Apache CXF is still  
in incubation so I'm not sure if there are any specific issues with  
doing this while they are incubating.  I'm copying the Incubator PMC  
for their input on this proposal to make sure we have all the i's  
dotted and t's crossed.

Once we have incorporated people's comments and approved this proposal  
I will take it forward to the respective PMCs for their comments.   
Depending on their responses we will formulate the next steps.

For now, please review this proposal and post your comments and input.

Proposed Code Donation from Project Yoko to Apache CXF and Apache  

The Yoko community has been successful in delivering several  
milestones of the ORB implementation while in the Apache Incubator.   
These milestones are used by other Apache projects (namely Geronimo  
and Harmony) to support their releases.  The WebServices bindings are  
dependent on CXF.  The Yoko community has decided that the Yoko  
project does not have quite the momentum to carry itself as an  
independent project but has sufficient value for other projects for  
them to consider receiving the code and committers for that code-base  
as sub-projects.

The proposed division is:

yoko-spec-corba - this is the org.omg interface classes.
rmi-spec - this is the javax.rmi spec implementation
core - This is the actual ORB implementation.
rmi-impl - This is the implementation of the RMIIIOP support.

These modules are also used by Harmony.

In addition to the code we propose that the following committers in  
Apache Yoko be accepted as committers in Apache Geronimo given their  
demonstration of delivering code, creating releases and functioning as  
a community.  Those noted with asterisks are already Geronimo  

Continued involvement with the core:

Rick McGuire *
David Jencks *
Alan Cabrera  *
Alexey Petrenko
Darren Middleman

The remainder of the modules in Yoko are part of the webservices  
support and are independent of the underlying ORB implementation.

api -- interface classes used for the web services support.
bindings -- code to implement the CORBA-Web services bindings.
tools -- tools for generation WSDL and IDL for the bindings
maven-plugin -- some maven plugins that can use the tools for  
generating binding-related build artifacts.  None of the maven-plugin  
code is used by the ORB.

There is also a distribution directory with some sample applications.   
One set of samples demonstrates using the core ORB, the other set is  
for WebServices.  We recommend that the distribution directory should  
move to Apache CXF as the webservices examples use the orb samples to  
bind them as web services.  Since Apache Geronimo's only use of CORBA  
is for exporting EJBs, these samples are not particularly valuable for  

The Yoko community did not have any committers that expressed an  
interest in continuing work on these bindings.  As such, only the code  
would be moving to apache CXF.



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