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From Claudia Kosny <>
Subject [zeta-users] axis space on line chart
Date Fri, 18 Jun 2010 07:28:48 GMT

First of all thank you for your work on ez/zeta-components. Although it 
took (and still takes) me a while until I found all the options 
available, the ezcChartComponent is certainly one of the best chart 
tools I have found.

Unfortunately I have encountered some problems with the space left for 
the vertical axis on a pretty normal line chart.

As the vertical axis on my chart is set to the left and I do not have 
any arrows on my chart I do not want to have any space on the right-hand 
side of the graph.

 From the documentation I understood that there are two settings for the 
axis space, namely $graph->yAxis->axisSpace for the axis labels
and $graph->yAxis->outerAxisSpace for the arrows.

But if I set the outerAxisSpace to a small value (like 0.01) this 
influences the size of my axis labels as well - the labels get so small 
that I only see the starting digits of the numbers in the labels. If I 
set the outerAxisSpace to a big value (or to null so it takes the 
axisSpace), the labels are fully visible, but I do have a lot of white 
space on the right side of my chart.

So my question is - is there a way to reduce the space on the right side 
of the chart without changing the size of the axis labels on the left side?

Thanks for any tips


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