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From Christian Weber <>
Subject [zeta-users] Webdav - Best Practice (Server configuration)
Date Mon, 20 Dec 2010 16:18:46 GMT

for my current project I'm using zetaComponents (I startet with 
ezComponents) for Webdav.
The implementation worked well for my testfiles. Now I startet to test 
with files larger than 1GB an ran into problems with that.

Every time I upload files larger than (round about) 1GB the script 
crashes (that's why I updated to zetaComponents with the same result).
Through debuging I finally found the crashing line.

$this->properties['body'] = (string) $body;

It's line 55 in file trunk/Webdav/src/requests/put.php

As it works with smaller files (successfully tested with 900MB) it seems 
to be a configuration problem.
Is there any best practice for the server configuration or generally on 
using Webdav with zetaComponents?

The Server has 8GB of RAM, so it should be enough.
I set the maximum for the script timeout, input time, max file upload 
and so on to high values.
I tested max RAM with 8GB, with 2GB and a little below 2GB to make shure 
it's not because of unusual settings.

I hope someone has a clue for it and want's to share it.

Kind regards


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