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From Tolan Blundell <>
Subject [zeta-users] ezcMail, IMAP and IDs/UIDs
Date Fri, 06 May 2011 13:19:26 GMT

I'm trying to work out if there's something missing from ezcMail or
whether I'm missing something obvious.

Is there no way to get either the ID or the UID of an ezcMail object
fetched from IMAP? The only way I can see (for UIDs) is to use
ezcMailImapTransport::fetchAll() and
ezcMailImapTransport::listUniqueIdentifiers(). That's fine as far as it
goes, if a little unwieldy, but it seems there's absolutely no way to,
for example:

1. Fetch / parse all un-seen mail with
ezcMailImapTransport::fetchByFlag( 'UNSEEN' )
2. Do my own processing.
3. For successfully processed mail, move it to another folder.
4. For unsuccessfully processed mail, mark it as SEEN.

The specifics of the example don't matter of course, my point is just
that unless you fetch all the mail in a folder there's no way to know
the UID for a particular mail item.

This seems to confirm my suspicion:

but I thought it would be better to ask in case there's another method
for fetching the UID given a particular ezcMail object that I'm missing.



Tolan Blundell
BGZ Consultants LLP

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