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Subject [Jackrabbit Wiki] Update of "PersistenceManagerFAQ" by ThomasMueller
Date Mon, 03 Dec 2007 09:21:50 GMT
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File System documentation

  === How smart should be a PM? ===
  A PM should not be 'intelligent', it should not 'interpret' the data. The only thing it
should care about is to efficiently, consistently and reliably store and read the data encapsulated
in the passed nodeState & propertyState objects. Though it might be feasible to write
a custom persistence manager to represent existing legacy data in a level-1 (read-only) repository,
I don't think the same is possible for a level-2 repository and i certainly would not recommend
+ === File System (FS) ===
+ Jackrabbit uses the org.apache.jackrabbit.core.fs.FileSystem interface as a file system
abstraction. Although this interface does not cover all direct file system use of Jackrabbit,
it still allows for flexibility in selecting where and how to store various parts of the repository.
For example it might make sense to store the search indexes on a fast disk and the archived
node versions on a slower disk. It is possible to configure separate file systems for the
global repository state, workspaces, search indexes, and versioning.
  === What combination of FS and PM is the best choice? ===
  It depends on your priorities. If you want to store your data in a RDBMS, use BundleDbPersistenceManager
 + either Local``File``System or Db``File``System. If you want to store your data in an accessible
format (just in case ;), you might want to try XML``Persistence``Manager + Local``File``System.

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