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From Paul Hammant <Paul_Hamm...@yahoo.com>
Subject Avalon DB - new DBMS sub project.
Date Fri, 09 Nov 2001 14:22:04 GMT
Hi folks,

(cross posted to Avalon, JAMES, Cocoon & BCEL)

Myself and Gerhard Froehlich have started a sub project of
Avalon-Cornerstone called AvalonDB.  The idea is to write a JDBC
compliant database server using Avalon-Phoenix component designs (Think
MySQL, HypersonicSQL etc).

What we have done
We've started already and had some success.  We think maybe some of you
might be interested in getting involved, and perhaps one day it might
move beyond a demonstration of Phoenix's design to a proper usable

With Phoenix we're able to build multiple implementations of services
into the design.  For example we (with Peter Donald's help) have
identified the following basic components and have a few implementations
started :

* SQLParser (single impl using custom grammar, javacc based one is todo)
* PersistenceStore (One using serialization, one that has no persistence)
* SQLOptimizer (todo)
* IndexGenerator (todo)
* ActionCache (todo)
* Transport (CommandStream over Sockets; SOAP over HTTP, RMI & 
ByteStream over sockets are todo)

Our Parser uses JavaScript at present and its SQL syntax is XMLized like
Cocoon's ESQL.  We're considering parallel development of one that is
inspired by JSP page compilation.  We had started (and suspended) a
parser/data design that uses BCEL, but lack the experience with this
for the moment.

What we need
There are plenty of areas that people could get involved with.  The
component separation makes everything quite neat to develop.

We're looking for people friendly to Excalibur and Phoenix to jump in
and help out with anything.  If you know BCEL you could help with our
(suspended) BCEL "data" and "actions".  If you know JavaCC, you could
start the real SQL parser. If you fancy writing an RMI transport, then
there is room too. If MRU is your thing then caching of actions needs 
some work.

Basically we're looking to expand active developer from two five or so.

Where we are going
In a couple of weeks, we will know whether this thing has any decent
future.  At that stage we might ask the PMC for formal project status.

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