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From "BRUNETON Eric RD-MAPS-GRE" <eric.brune...@francetelecom.com>
Subject comparison between BCEL and ASM
Date Tue, 22 Mar 2005 11:01:55 GMT
Paul McLachlan wrote (14 Dec 2004) [1]:
>> Or a response from a BCEL developer to indicate what BCEL offers that
>> ASM lacks would be useful...
>FWIW, I looked at ASM a few months ago to see if I wanted to migrate to

>it and decided it didn't have the features I needed.  I think, at the
>time, I compared the two to the difference between SAX and DOM.
>Sometimes you can do what you want with SAX, and it's faster.  But 
>sometimes, you really need DOM and are willing to pay for it.
>I'm in (and will always be in, with our problemspace) the latter 
>camp, as far as bytecode transformation goes.

The comparison with SAX and DOM is not true: both ASM and BCEL provide a
SAX and a DOM like API. For ASM the SAX like API is in asm package, and
the DOM like API in asm.tree package. For BCEL the SAX like API is the
classfile.Visitor and generic.Visitor interfaces and the DOM like API is
the classes of the classfile and generic packages. The *real* difference
is that in ASM the DOM like API is provided on top of the SAX like API,
while in BCEL the converse is true. It is therefore possible, with ASM,
to use the SAX like API without paying the cost of DOM, which is not
possible with BCEL. Note also that the cost of the DOM like API of ASM
is much lower than in BCEL:

time to load some 1240 classes with JDK1.5: T = ~0.94 s
time to load these classes with a simple on the fly transformation:
- with ASM 2.0 SAX like API: ~1.5 s (= +60% compared to T)
- with ASM 2.0 DOM like API: ~1.84 s (= +95% compared to T)
- with BCEL 5.1 DOM like API: ~6.9 s (= +630% compared to T)

Some other differences and similarities between ASM 2.0 and BCEL 5.1 I
can think of are:

- ASM completely hides the constant pool in order to provide a simpler
API. The drawback is that it is not possible to implement
transformations that need to explicitely manipulate the constant pool
(for example to sort the constants in order to get better jar
compression ratios; in fact it is possible, but more code is required)

- ASM does not provide any equivalent for Repository (but there are
suggestions to remove this from BCEL [3]), nor any classloader related

- Both ASM and BCEL provide functions to compute maxstacksize and
maxlocals, transparently handle the "wide" opcode, and transparently
change goto and jsr to goto_w and jsr_w when needed. ASM also
transparently change if instructions to if+goto_w instructions when
needed, which is not done in BCEL (I think).

- Both ASM and BCEL allow "lazy" parsing of class files. In BCEL this is
done with the JavaClass/ClassGen distinction, in ASM by the fact that
returning null in visitField or visitMethod skips the parsing of a field
or method.

- ASM provides support for JDK1.5 class attributes, including an API to
analyze/transform/generate generic signatures. BCEL 5.1 does not provide
this, but future versions will [2, 3].

- ASMifier is similar to BCELifier. Both ASM and BCEL provide utilities
to manage type descriptors. ASM does not provide a Class2HTML, but
provides a package to convert classes to and from XML. ASM does not
provide pattern matching functions to find instruction sequences that
match a given pattern.

- ASM verifier is less complete that in BCEL (only pass3b is
implemented), but there is a framework for code analysis similar to
bcel.verifier.structurals package.

- Finally ASM is packaged in a more modular way than BCEL, and is more
compact (due to the fact that (1) some features are not implemented in
ASM - repository, full verifier, etc [but conversely some ASM features
are not provided in BCEL: JDK1.5 support], (2) the BCEL DOM like API is
much more detailled than in ASM, and (3) ASM jars are optimized - no
debug info, private member names changed to shorter names, optimized
constant pool):

                  ASM 2.0  BCEL 5.1 (jar sizes in KB)
SAX like API only	33       N/A
+DOM like API     49       321
+verifier         67       449
+utils            97       485
+html/xml util    145      504

Eric (ASM project leader)


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