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From Elmar Juergens <juerg...@in.tum.de>
Subject Note on Annotation implementation in BCEL trunk
Date Mon, 22 Jan 2007 20:48:04 GMT

I am using BCEL for program analysis on Java Bytecode. It works like a 
Thanks a lot for the great work and the amount of effort you invested.

I need BCEL to analyze Java 1.5 annotations. I figured from the mailing 
list that the version in the trunk supports that.
And indeed, for me it works great: The code compiled and behaved pretty 
much like I had hoped it would!
Thanks again for the great work.

However, from my point of use, a slight reorganization of the class 
hierarchy would simplify the retrieval of annotations:
I need to analyze Classes, Methods and Fields. Since they have the 
common base class AccessFlags, I could implement several analyses in a 
rather generic way, which I liked very much. However, annotation 
retrieval is not implemented on the level of AccessFlags, but only in 
the deriving classes themselves.
As far as I understand it, method getAnnotationEntries()  is implemented 
in all classes deriving from AccessFlags.
Could this method be pulled up? (It would require a unification of 
AnnotationEntry and AnnotationEntryGen into a hierarchy. Would this be 

I believe that this reorganization might simplify matters for many 
annotation-accessing tasks using BCEL.

Thanks a lot,
Best regards from Munich, Germany,
Elmar Juergens

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