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From Bill Stoddard <b...@wstoddard.com>
Subject Re: [Bsf-discussion] Solved: BSF-bug with "char" as argument
Date Mon, 27 Jan 2003 15:11:54 GMT

Thanks, we'll get this fix in.  For future reference, unified diffs are 
a bit easier for humans to read than context diffs (ie, diff -u or cvs 
diff -u).


Rony G. Flatscher wrote:

> Hi there,
> while enhancing the BSF engine for Rexx and Object Rexx for BSF 2.2 
> (IBM-version) first and then adapting it to BSF 2.3 (Apache-version) I 
> finally traced down an error, which has been bugging me for a looong 
> time and which I had filed with the bug tracking system a while ago: 
> if an argument in the method signature is of type "char", then the 
> appropriate method could not be found via reflection. The reason for 
> this lies in "EngineUtils.callBeanMethod(...)", where the case of 
> "Character" is not taken care of. Here's the diff for BSF 2.2:
> -------------------------------- cut here 
> --------------------------------
> \bsf-2_2\lib\com\ibm\bsf\util>diff -w EngineUtils.java 
> bkp\EngineUtils.java
> 140,141d139
> <             } else if (args[i] instanceof Character) {
> <               argTypes[i] = char.class;
> -------------------------------- cut here 
> --------------------------------
> If the error is in 2.3, maybe this report helps resolve that issue 
> there as well.
> ---rony
> P.S.: In case of interest: the present adaptations use the BSF 
> infrastructure to allow Rexx programs to load the JVM at runtime and 
> then interact with the Java environment with the means of BSF (as if 
> the Rexx program was started via BSF), in effect using all of Java as 
> a huge "function" library. This allows for 100% portable Rexx programs 
> taking advantage of the ubiquituousness of Java. [At the same time the 
> ability to invoke Rexx programs from Java remains unchanged (actually 
> taking care of the case where Java programmers forget to register Java 
> objects in the BSF registry before invoking the Rexx programs via BSF; 
> in such a case the Rexx engine registers those Java objects on behalf 
> of the Java programmers before invoking Rexx).]
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