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From "Victor J. Orlikowski" <...@dulug.duke.edu>
Subject Re: BSF engine for Pnuts
Date Thu, 13 Feb 2003 09:15:43 GMT
On Tue, Jan 28, 2003 at 11:29:35AM +0900, Toyokazu Tomatsu wrote:
> I am working on Pnuts ( http://pnuts.org/ ), which provides its
> own BSF-engine for IBM version of BSF.  Because of the package name
> change, I have to modify the code.  But, in order to support BSF2.2
> applications, two versions of the BSF-engine should be included in the
> Pnuts distribution.
> My question is that if I contribute the code for the Pnuts' BSF-engine
> to this project, will it be incorporated into the latest version of BSF?
> What criteria are used for deciding where a particular BSF-engine
> should be a part of bsf or not?

Pnuts' engine would be very likely to be added, so long as the
code submitted falls under a license compatible w/ BSF's (i.e. the
same as all Jakarta projects).

License compatiblity is the primary concern, but we would also
like for those who submit engines to help keep them up-to-date
with respect to changes in their language engines and changes in
BSF - though we do a fair amount of trying to keep our current
flock of languages working. That said, as we add more engines,
the job of maintenance should fall more to the contributor.

I think that's all; others will correct me, if there are other
issues that I have missed - but I am sure those are the 2 main

I look forward to the submission of the Pnuts engine!

Victor J. Orlikowski   | The Wall is Down, But the Threat Remains!
orlikowski@apache.org  | vjo@dulug.duke.edu | vjo@us.ibm.com

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