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From Jeff Adams <je...@wolfram.com>
Subject Re: Discussion on language auto-detection
Date Tue, 08 Jul 2003 19:43:39 GMT
>So, the time has come for features and releases.
>There was discussion (around January) of adding a form of language
>auto-detection to BSF, a la JAXP.
>What ideas or suggestions do people have on the matter? I'm up for
>doing implementation, but I'm looking for some thoughts on how
>people would expect it to work and on a preferred direction for
>One this is complete, error logging is somewhat cleaned up, and
>I add some more docs to the tree, I think we could have a real 2.3
>release candidate on our hands for a final 2.3.
>Thanks in advance,

I was wondering if the Commons Discovery project being at 0.2
is ready enough to use as the implementation:


Since it not only promotes reuse of Jakarta projects and certainly
seems to implement the discovery the way everyone seemed to think
it should work, a la JAXP.

Some may think this impractical but one implementation would be to
use org.apache.commons.discovery.ServiceDiscovery

and have SPI files

which contained one or multiple entries such as

and either add a public String[] getLanguages() method
on the BSFEngine interface for runtime registering discovered engines
or alternatively have another entry syntax in
META-INF/services/org.apache.bsf.BSFEngine that
somehow specifies the language string for a given engine implementations


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