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From nil...@opensource.lk
Subject Bug -- cannot set a null value to a bean
Date Tue, 16 Mar 2004 02:08:57 GMT

Hi guys !!

Did anyone tried to fix the following bug? --'Cannot set
null values to beans'

If so pls tell me where I can find the patch or the remedy
Any suggetions how to go about to fix this and where it
occurs would be useful.

Thanks !!


Bug#: 20355

Product: BSF

Version: 2.3.0-rc1

Summary: Cannot set null values to beans.

In some cases (specially jython engine), we need to allow some beans to
have a null value, allowing the object to be defined in script execution
level, but with a null value. Currently is not suppported by BSF, who
internally supports beans values in Hashtables.

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