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From "Victor J. Orlikowski" <...@dulug.duke.edu>
Subject Re: ActiveScripting on win32?
Date Mon, 02 Dec 2002 05:58:38 GMT
On Mon, Dec 02, 2002 at 02:20:32AM -0200, Rogério Meneguelli Gatto wrote:
> After a short tour through BSF's site, I didn't find any mention to
> ActiveScripting.  It's not available in the 2.3.0 download either, but 
> the engine is still in CVS.
> We have a project at work in which we need to access COM components
> to drive a Crystal Reports application from Java code.  We used
> BSF/VBScript as a simple and effective bridge to the M$ world.  Is
> keeping support for ActiveScripting in your plans?

ActiveScript based engines have fallen by the wayside, for the
moment, due to the fact that BSF's current maintainers do not tend
to program on the Win32 platform.

If there is interest in the ActiveScript engine, and someone steps
up to maintain the code, then there may be support (this is also
possibly limited by the requirement of Microsoft build tools to
build the ActiveScripting engine).

Until this is the case, there will not be support in the ASF
version of BSF.

In theory, a few small modifications to the engine and the
build.xml should be sufficient to get the engine compiling,
however. Remember that you will need Visual C++ to complete the

Hope that helps,

Victor J. Orlikowski   | The Wall is Down, But the Threat Remains!
orlikowski@apache.org  | vjo@dulug.duke.edu | vjo@us.ibm.com

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