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From "Rony G. Flatscher" <Rony.Flatsc...@wu-wien.ac.at>
Subject Re: NetRexx 2.x / BSF2.3 issue getting "current" BSFManager instance...
Date Wed, 15 Jan 2003 22:47:29 GMT

Gern' geschehen!

>I do have two remaining questions though, if your patience hasn't worn too thin:
>Q1: In order to get my stuff to work, I more or less had to follow your example, in which
>       the source and script/expr args to the exec/eval methods on BSFManager contain
>       exactly the same text.  In fact, I can pass any "foo.bar" type string as source,
>       whether there is a foo.bar file or not the method will succeed / fail just the
>       same.   Am I missing something?  What I'd hoped to be able to do was something
>       like:
>      bsfManager.exec("netrexx", "aWholeLibraryOfRexxCode.nrx", 0, 0, "aSingleMethod");
>      Or perhaps:
>      bsfManager.exec("netrexx", "aWholeLibraryOfRexxCode.nrx", startOfMethod, endOfMethod,
>     In reality, it seems like only the first and last arguments actually do anything????
Hmm, this depends on the implemantation of the NetRexx engine, the 
default might work as you observe. You'd need to look into the sources 
to know for sure (don't know who authored the NetRexx support, maybe the 
persons are monitoring the bsf-developer listserver?).

>Q2: Again, in your opinion what are the advantages of ObjectRexx vs. NetRexx?  Keep in
mind that I
>     am looking for a scripting language as accessible to business-side users as possible,
so stuff like
>     "better support for polymorphism...." is probably not that germane.
Well, personally I like Object Rexx a *lot*. I think it is a very easy 
to learn language, yet possesses a very powerful OO-model (including 
mutilple inheritance, unknown, metaclasses etc.).

In a sense the relationship is what Rexx is to C in the procedural 
world, Object Rexx is to C++ (or Java for that matter). Teaching all 
kind of programming languages over the years (Assembler, Basic, C, C++, 
Cobol, Java, Pascal etc.), Rexx and Object Rexx have been proven to be 
the "best" in a number of applications: in learning speed (people learn 
it *fast*, ie. cheap!), number of mistakes people produce, ledgibility 
of code, scriptability etc.

If I need to code something and I can do it with Object Rexx, I stick to it.

But, there are different languages for different people/tasks, so people 
should choose the language they think serves them best to solve their 
problem. What I like about BSF is the fact, that one *can* use and 
intermix any of the supported script languages, which is just great!



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