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From "Jiger Patel" <jiger_...@hotmail.com>
Subject Re: Dynamic Classpaths with BSF
Date Fri, 31 Jan 2003 14:42:47 GMT
Funny. My Scripting app works fine using Beanshell. Does jython, javascript 
etc engines ignore the ClassLoader that loaded them?? Since it works with 
beanshell, ideally it should work for ALL scripting environments. Is there 
any plan to make setClassPath compulsory for ENgines to implement. If it is 
done so then such problems can be resolved easily.

Any ideas BSF Developers?


>From: "Jiger Patel" <jiger_ptl@hotmail.com>
>Reply-To: "Bean Scripting Framework users" <bsf-user@jakarta.apache.org>
>To: bsf-user@jakarta.apache.org
>Subject: Dynamic Classpaths with BSF
>Date: Thu, 30 Jan 2003 18:17:56 +0530
>Hi All,
>        I am new to the List & BSF so forgive my ignorance. I searched the 
>archives & google but did not find any tip on my problem so I hope I will 
>get some answer here.
>My Problem is this:
>I am creating a scripting app where the classes are not set in the 
>classpath since they are loaded by the parent app from its lib directory. 
>Now I want to somehow set the classpath/classloader such that all the 
>classes/jars that I add to BSFManager can be resolved by the various 
>scripting engines. I tried setting this using setClassPath & setClassLoader 
>but yet, jython/beanshell etc scripting engines cannot find the package 
>org.apache.bsh which is there in the lib directory. On investigating the 
>source code. It seems the BSFManager's classpath & classloaders are not 
>used by the Scripting Engines in anyway to facilitate such dynamic 
>Now I have this requirement very urgent & need to load jars for a 
>particular designated directory at runtime when I create BSFManager 
>instance. Is there some way to force engines to add the mentioned classes. 
>I don't want to mess with ClassLoaders so setting classpath is what I am 
>looking at.
>Any idea how this can be achieved.
>Thanks in Advance,
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