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From Winga...@schneider.com
Subject Re: NetRexx 2.x / BSF2.3 issue getting "current" BSFManager instance...
Date Mon, 13 Jan 2003 21:34:05 GMT

Hi Rony,

Thanks again for your persistence.   It sound like a switch
to ObjectRexx might be in order,  since trying your example,
I run into the very familiar:

C:\wkw\work\RexxRules\bsf-2.3.0\UIsample>NetRexxC ui.nrx
NetRexx portable processor, version 2.02
Copyright (c) IBM Corporation, 2001.  All rights reserved.
Program ui.nrx
  6 +++ p = java.awt.Panel bsf.lookupBean("centerPanel");
    +++                    ^^^
    +++ Error: The method 'bsf.lookupBean(java.lang.String)' cannot be
found in
class 'ui' or a superclass
Compilation of 'ui.nrx' failed [one error]

This is one of the specific cases of my general problem:  I can't seem to
get a reference to the "running" BSF environment from within the script,
any successful attempts to do so (e.g. bsf=BSFManager()) put me at
cross-purposes with what I'm trying to accomplish.  Am I missing some
or something?  I don't see how this could be, since the "static" (not in a
sense) import would somehow have to reference this dynamic, runtime object
which represents the thing that gets created in my Java code when I
instantiate a BSFManager.

W. Keith Wingate
Schneider Logistics

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                    01/13/2003 11:53 AM        Subject:     Re: NetRexx 2.x / BSF2.3 issue
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>So, this was bound to cause confusion.  I fixed that, but this
>still doesn't solve the problem.   Also, I tried call() rather than
>eval() or exec(), since the link you sent describes call() in such
>a way that it would seem to do exactly what I want, but alas I got
>a message saying that the BSFEngine for NetRexx does not yet
>support this.
Enclosed you'll find a little archive with a sample using a
NetRexx-script. The sample stems from the IBM distribution, so you would
need to change the "bsf" package name to Apache's. After recompiling the
Java-file, you should be able to enter the following:

    java ScriptedUI ui.nrx

which then should create an awt-frame on the Java side and let the
NetRexx script edit that window from NetRexx.

>Q: Is there a BSFEngine for ObjectRexx which will be supported
>     going forward?  Should I switch from NetRexx to ObjectRexx?
YES. There will be a BSFEngine for Rexx *and* Object Rexx for Apache's
 BSF and I try to get that support included with the free and
opensourced Rexx-interpreter called "Regina" (cf.
<http://www.lightlink.com/hessling/>) which is available for practically
every operating system/platform there is.

At the moment I am changing/enhancing the BSFEngine and have been
testing it for the (older) IBM BSF package. Once this testing is over, I
will adapt everything to the actual Apache BSF and making it available
under the Apache license.

Hope that helps a little,


(See attached file: samples_ui.zip)--
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