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From "Koller, Shmuel" <Shmuel_Kol...@bmc.com>
Subject How to use BSF via XSLT as scripting Language
Date Wed, 10 Sep 2003 12:02:28 GMT
I am looking for embedding BSF in a WebService coded in Java.

I assume this will help me transform input SOAP into Java calls (many SOAP
inputs/combinations, many target class/methods combinations,
hence I am looking for a runtime "many to many"  mapping/transformation into
Java calls.

Given I need a scripting language for BSF to call Java class/methods -
I assume XSLT is a possible choice. It means involving XSLT processor
(Xalan) somehow.

Does it mean BSF engine schedules XALAN for each script coded in XSLT ?

Can I achieve the same transformations by using XALAN-Java extensions?  

Looking for tutorial/examples to introduce myself to this scenario,
not sure of the solution, thanks,

Shmuel Koller 

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