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From Aleksei Valikov <vali...@gmx.net>
Subject BSF and thread safety
Date Tue, 29 Jun 2004 11:12:42 GMT

I'm developing a solution for web application controller and plan to use 
BSF as expression evaluation engine.
What I need is to evaluate expressions in contexts of various variables 
extracted from the client's request. These evaluations must be 
completely independent. Moreover, there will be plenty of evaluations 
carried out by various threads in parallel. I have a couple of 
questions, would appreciate your answers.

Each evaluation is handled in the context of declared variables. 
Variables are declared using manager.declareBean(...). Do I need a 
separate BSFManager and BSFEngine per thread? Or is there a way to have 
one BSFManager and produce only a BSFEngine per thread (with respect to 
variables, which must not be shared between threads)?

Are BSFManager and BSFEngine reusable? Can I pool BSFManager and 
BSFEngine and reuse them for different evaluations (cleaning up the 
variable, of course)?

Thanks for your answers.


Dr. Aleksei Valikov (RUS)
Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter
Forschungszentrum Informatik

Haid-und-Neu Str. 10-14
76131 Karlsruhe, Deutschland

Tel: +49-721-9654716
Fax: +49-721-9654717
E-mail: valikov@fzi.de

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