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From James Taylor <ja...@jamestaylor.org>
Subject Re: JCS status
Date Wed, 11 Jun 2003 16:35:04 GMT
"stephenh" <stephenh@chase3000.com> writes:

> I'm going to venture that the project is both mature and abandoned.
> ...
> Hibernate people chose JCS to integrate with, so I'm not sure why the
> original developers aren't still around, or that it hasn't gained other
> new developers.

FWIW I believe the original author (Aaron) and all the people who have
contributed since it landed at Jakarta (like me) are still around, or at
least reading the mailing lists.

I think we are all just pretty busy.

As for why there are no new developers, I can't say. I keep hoping somebody
will find a task they are interested in tackling and submit some patches, I
think we'd all be happy to get some more people with commit access. Somebody
just needs to do it. 

> I could be completely wrong, but I seem to remember the original author
> (or perhaps one of the main contributors) works on a commercial caching
> system as well as JCS. Ideally, whoever the commercial entity is, they
> could move to having JCS be their base implementation (or having their
> product become JCS) and then sell services related to it. But I
> certainly why they'd want to keep it commercial as well.

I don't know anything about a commercial offering. There are people at
Jakarta who work for some of the cache vendors, but I don't think any of them
have contributed to JCS.

> If any of the main developers would like to chip in as to their thoughts
> on JCS's production capabilities, I'm sure both Brian and I would
> appreciate it.

My impression of JCS is that it is still a little confusing, but it seems to
work. I've used it in production, we have lots of reports of people using it
in production, great! I'd still like to see some more modularization of
things (like more clearly defining how auxiliaries interface with the core)
and more work on making JCS more flexible.

-- jt

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