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From Aaron Smuts <aasm...@wisc.edu>
Subject RE: remote
Date Thu, 15 Apr 2004 21:56:32 GMT

> -----Original Message-----
> From: Travis Savo [mailto:tsavo@IFILM.com]
> Sent: Thursday, April 15, 2004 4:09 PM
> To: 'Turbine JCS Developers List'
> Subject: RE: remote
> Sure.
> The changes for the threading are all in CacheEventQueue, and
> ElementEventQueue.
> The original design spawned one thread for each region immediately,
> had
> the thread sleep until there was events in the queue to process.
> My change was to have it spawn the thread the first time an item
> the
> queue, and run until the queue was empty. When the queue was empty,
> thread would sleep for a specified period of time. If another event
> into the queue while the thread was sleeping, it would wake up and
> processing. If the thread sleep period expired without another event
> coming
> into the queue, the thread would die, leaving a new thread to be
> with an event came in.
> Thus, an active queue would always have a thread available and ready
> process events. An inactive queue's thread won't ever get spawned. A
> semi-active queue can be tuned for best behavior via the timeout. The
> problem was that assuming you had 1,000 regions, it would instantly
> 1,000 threads, even if only 20 regions were getting used. On some
> operating
> systems, this would make the box completely unusable. I suspect this
is no
> longer as much of a problem with newer kernels like 2.6 on Linux, but
> assured it's pretty broken on older machines.

Interesting.  I'll look into it.  Do you have a simple patch for the
queue that I could try out, that you could send over?

> The other major important change was (and my memory is failing me as
> where it was exactly) when a client did a remove to a remote cache,
> remote cache would send a remove to all the other clients clients, who
> would
> in return send a remove back to the remote cache, who would send a
> to
> all the other clients, ad nasueum, creating (X-1)^2 packets with every
> iteration, where X is the number of clients talking to remote cache.
> won't happen with only one client... but it will with 2+.
> My fix was a change from a 'remove()' to a 'localRemove()' at a key
> point...
> now if only I could remember where that point was!

That would be bad.  That bug must have crept in.  We need to find that

> The final change, which is less important, but necessary for long-term
> stability is to change the cache ID from a byte to an integer. Only
> supporting 256 remote clients is all good and fine, but assuming
there's 2
> clients, and one of them disconnects and reconnects 255 times, it's
> to
> break in new and interesting ways when the ID wraps back around to 1.

Ya.  That should be changed.  Again, do you have a simple patch, say a
the methods to paste in and were to do it.

More later.


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