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From Eric Wolf <Eric.W...@bcbsks.com>
Subject no key saved in C drive key file
Date Mon, 12 Mar 2007 22:28:57 GMT
I am testing JCS in WebSphere and I had it working in a quick test.  Now my 
objects get moved to disk, the data file has data, but the key file always 
stays empty.  I have the config file moving them quickly to disk for testing.  
I think I have MAXIDLETIME = 30 and its checking to move them at 40 seconds.  
Is there some minimum times and that is not saving my keys?  I was using 
version and I just tested the latest version and the results 
are the same.  The keys used are an Integer class with a 1 - 4 in it.  I also 
changed one to a String "one" and it failed as well.  The memory cache is 
working fine with the same keys.  Do you have any ideas?

Eric Wolf

Aaron wanted me to put this on the list.  His response is below:

The keys are not written to disk until shutdown or optimization.  The
indexed disk cache docs explain this.  The disk is "indexed."  The
keys are stored in memory along with the offset of the record on disk.


Read the docs and send your messages to the list so others with
similar questions can benefit.



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