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From "Smuts, Aaron" <Aaron.Sm...@travelocity.com>
Subject RE: Progress towards a release
Date Fri, 18 May 2007 12:42:33 GMT
What tests did you exclude?  I thought I fixed many of the problems this


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> From: Scott Eade [mailto:seade@backstagetech.com.au]
> Sent: Friday, May 18, 2007 12:02 AM
> To: JCS Developers List
> Subject: Re: Progress towards a release
> Reviewing outstanding items:
> Scott Eade wrote:
> > * There are a small number of apparent test failures - Scott noted a
> > few, Thomas noted just one.
> > I have spent some time today looking at these and Aaron is quite
> > - they do all run successfully.  The apparent failures crop up when
> > the tests are run via maven on a fast machine - if the test classes
> > are executed individually they run just fine.  Is there a way we can
> > alter these so that they can execute correctly in all cases?
> Smuts, Aaron wrote:
> > 1. Test failures:  Some of the tests wait on background events.
> > are hard to get right.  I'll look into them, but there are no
> > that they can be fixed.  We might have to make them manual tests.
> >
> Aaron: Have you managed to look at this yet?  In the mean time I have
> marked various tests as excluded and they can be manually executed.
> further action required.
> > * A review of project.xml revealed a number of dependencies using
> > fairly old versions.
> > I have just now committed an update that brings most of these up to
> > date.  I also added the jar and java plugin properties suggested by
> > Thomas to explicitly state the compiler version desired by Aaron and
> > to include this information in the jar manifest.
> I have updated a few more versions - as Aaron points out, none of
> are required for the core jcs functionality.  No further action
> > * The source headers are still to be updated.  I was thinking that
> > this should wait until the all the tests pass, but since they
> > do there is no longer any need to hold off doing this.  Henning, can
> > you please proceed with running your script against
> > https://svn.apache.org/repos/asf/jakarta/jcs/trunk
> Thomas has committed the necessary updates (Thanks!)  No further
> required.
> > * Michael Stevens has offered to produce a Maven 2 POM (for users of
> > Maven 2, not for building purposes).  Michael, there is no time like
> > the present...
> I have committed a pom that I hacked together.  This was based on the
> pom from commons - it has had only minimal testing so I need feedback
> to how it goes for you.  It includes bunches of elements for building
> with maven 2 - I know we have no intention of doing this for now, but
> don't see any harm in leaving them there  For now you will need to
> install this pom manually along with a manually built jar.  Further
> action: Others need to verify that the pom I have put together works
> them.
> > * There are seven open issues in Jira.  I am of the opinion that
> > JCS-13 should be skipped for now.  Are there any strong opinions on
> > the others?
> Aaron has expressed his opinion that there are no issues that need to
> addressed before a release can go ahead.  No further action required.
> > * What version number will we call the release?  "" may
> > a few eyebrows.
> The consensus is 1.3.  I have updated project.xml and new pom.xml
> accordingly.  No further action required.
> So to summarise the pending actions:
>     * The new maven 2 pom needs to be reviewed and updated as
>     * We need to build the release.  Does someone want to volunteer to
>       be the release manager?  Knowledge of this process is the main
>       thing that has been holding back jcs releases in the past.  I
>       suggest that we allow someone with the necessary knowledge
>       this role for the proposed release, but they keep the list
>       informed of the tasks that are done so that others can do this
>       the future.
>           o As part of preparing the release we need to address a
>             of documentation issues:
>                 + We need to update the Downloads page to point to
>                   the releases will actually me located.  This can
>                   provide maven 1 and maven 2 dependency descriptors
>                 + We need to add a News/Status page on which to
>                   the release itself.  I suggest we cheat and just add
>                   something to the top of the index page.
>     * AFTER the release is built (jar, pom and site available for
>       by voters) we then hold the final release vote.
> Scott
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