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From "Stephane Bailliez" <stephane.baill...@imediation.com>
Subject RE: Getting up to speed
Date Thu, 17 Aug 2000 08:39:19 GMT
#> -----Original Message-----
#> From: Daniel F. Savarese [mailto:dfs@savarese.org]
#> Sent: Thursday, August 17, 2000 5:04 AM
#> To: oro-dev@jakarta.apache.org
#> Subject: Getting up to speed
#> Hi all,

Hi Daniel, nice to see you hanging around. :)

#> I'm in the middle of writing a book so it's taken me three weeks to

May I ask what is the topic of this book ? any relation with regex ?

#> get around to subscribing to the list.  Is there an archive of the
#> list anywhere so I can get up to speed on what, if anything, has been
#> discussed?  I don't see any evidence of an archive on
#> jakarta.apache.org,
#> but I probably didn't look hard enough.

I'm on the list for about a week and only got 1 message: yours.
There's about the same traffic on the other regex package.

#> If you have a list of things you'd like to see happen, post it to the
#> mailing list and let's merge, discuss, prioritize, and
#> divide up the work.

What do you think about the example ? Assuming you're not familiar with
Perl, I think the example are kind of light to get you started in regex and
the package use.

#> OK, let me step back a second.  I'm assuming that everyone wants this
#> org.apache.oro.text.regex to be Perl 5.6 compatible.  The main goals
#> of the original package was to provide complete Perl
#> compatibility first,
#> an efficient implementation second, and an easy to use API third.  If
#> you can think of any reason to discontinue tracking Perl's changes to
#> its regular expression syntax, please speak up.

#> I don't know how much interest there is in the .text and
#> .awk packages,

Actually the .text package is kind of cool for the cache management.

#> but the .regex and .perl packages are what most people use.
#> The .perl
#> package, really just the Perl5Util class, can be worked on
#> independently
#> of the .regex package and it would be nice if someone would
#> step up to
#> work on it.  I suspect I'll have to be the primary developer on the
#> .regex package because the code is pretty dense.  Off the
#> top of my head,
#> some stuff that needs fixing in Perl5Util are getting to the
#> bottom of
#> the obscure backslashing bug, making pattern caching more efficient,
#> and fixing some of the stale documentation.

Apart from that, I'm in the process of writing a small gui for a regex
I have found no real regex-tester that would be cool enough to use at this
This is of course personal and my company has nothing to do with it, since
I'm doing it during my (rare) free time, it will maybe take some time.
Opinions on this ?

#> I'll try to put a proper list of stuff together over the next week.
#> Mostly I just wanted to say hi and see if anyone's on the list yet.

#> As far as my CVS question goes, I just logged into my firewall and
#> tried doing a checkout from there, so there is an issue.  Anyone
#> know a quick solution for doing checkouts from behind a firewall
#> or should I just go see if this is a CVS FAQ?

Nope sorry. :-(

  St├ęphane Bailliez
  R&D Software Engineer, Paris - France
  iMediation - www.imediation.com
  Disclaimer: All the opinions expressed above are mine and not those from
my company.

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