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From Rahul Akolkar <rahul.akol...@gmail.com>
Subject [PROPOSAL] One development list
Date Fri, 09 Oct 2009 21:43:43 GMT
[Out of necessity, this is heavily cross-posted. Suggestion is to send
any replies to the general@jakarta list only to keep any discussion in
one place.]

We currently have 8 active development lists at Jakarta, each devoted
to a subproject. I've been subscribed to all for a while and based on
my observations and the overall benefits of doing so, I think its time
to consolidate them into a single development list at Jakarta.

Motivations (not in any order):
 * Flattens and simplifies oversight - Not much else to be said on that.
 * Communication - Subprojects can often have various touch points.
So, Rony's surprise today at the BSF taglib being retired is one
example. Lets have all dev discussions on one list.
 * Cross-pollination - Most subprojects are at the point where it
certainly wouldn't hurt to have the active folks from all of Jakarta
around for dev discussions, votes etc.
 * Manageable overhead - More on this later, but we have a number of
usual suspects showing up on many of the dev lists, they'd barely
notice a difference. Others can manage, IMO/hopefully.

 * The combined list traffic will obviously be more than any one of
the separate lists. However, development tends to be in spurts on
these lists and the probabilistic chances of more than a couple of
subproject spurts happening at the same time seems quite low. Overall,
combined traffic is not at all overpowering IMO.
 * The proposal will include closing current dev lists and adding all
subscribers to the one new dev list. We'll post a heads up on these
lists before that. Throw in site-cvs@ as well for good measure.
 * We could repurpose general@ as the one dev list, but OTOH, seems
worthwhile to maintain the dev / general separation.
 * No changes proposed to the user lists.


Lets say a little over a week (10 days, which should give us two
weekends) for initial feedback and opinions please.


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