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From "Gerard Hoorelbeke, prof. EHSAL, Brussels (Be)" <gerard.hoorelb...@prof.ehsal.be>
Subject Need help on: Why doesn't my Tomcat server run the JSP samples?
Date Sat, 04 Nov 2000 11:05:37 GMT
=>I already posted this problem on some user list, but I forgot the
I hope this is the more appropriate place for my problem.

I'm not an ITC specialist in Web Servers, and certainly not one in a
JSP-oriented one as Tomcat.
For a seminar on e-commerce I would like to give a (short) demo on Tomcat as
a stand alone server on a Windows NT 4.0 (service pack 5). So I downloaded
the Jakarta-Tomcat 3.1 zip file  (without Apache) and installed everything
on the home directory D:\TOMCAT. I included the SET clauses in the
Startup.bat and Tomcat.bat files (i.e set JAVA_HOME=D:\jdk15 and
When I enter 'startup' in a DOS window it opens the DOS-server Window
nicely. I can open the NN browser with http://localhost:8080 and it displays
the JSP and Servlet examples.
- executing the sample servlets is no problem.
- the JSP samples however give me the typical 501 error (can't find the
I've studied the FAQs and related answers to this problem. They mention a
TOOLS.JAR file which  apparently I do not have (on D:\Tomcat I only see
ant.jar, jasper.jar, servlet.jar, webserver.jar, xml.jar and on D:\JKD15, I
don't see any file of that type either).
So I thought I was using an old JDK version (it is now JDK1.1.5 and it works
fine). I tried to download the JDK1.3, but unfortunately this is a 30Mb file
and my provider always interrupts the download after 10Mb.
Here the questions.
- Is that file TOOLS.JAR really the problem?
- Is it possible to get a copy of that file that would eventually work with
JDK 1.1.5. (according to the small Jakarta User's guide the Tomcat server
should also work with JDK1.1.5).
I would really appreciate any help or answser to the above questions.
To whoever answers these questions, thanks for dedicating your time to this.

Gerard Hoorelbeke
EHSAL, Brussels, Belgium

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