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From hus...@apache.org
Subject cvs commit: jakarta-site2/xdocs/site guides.xml
Date Fri, 22 Mar 2002 12:02:37 GMT
husted      02/03/22 04:02:37

  Modified:    xdocs/site guides.xml
  Update with some notes regarding releases.
  Revision  Changes    Path
  1.5       +109 -3    jakarta-site2/xdocs/site/guides.xml
  Index: guides.xml
  RCS file: /home/cvs/jakarta-site2/xdocs/site/guides.xml,v
  retrieving revision 1.4
  retrieving revision 1.5
  diff -u -r1.4 -r1.5
  --- guides.xml	8 Mar 2002 22:45:16 -0000	1.4
  +++ guides.xml	22 Mar 2002 12:02:37 -0000	1.5
  @@ -141,7 +141,7 @@
   <p><a href="http://httpd.apache.org/security_report.html">Reporting Security
Problems with Apache</a></p>
  -<p><a href="http://jakarta.apache.org/site/agreement.html"> Contributor License
  +<p><a href="http://jakarta.apache.org/site/agreement.html">Contributor License
   <p><a href="http://jakarta.apache.org/site/decisions.html">Decision Making</a>
(XML <a href="http://xml.apache.org/decisions.html">Decision Making</a>)</p>
   <h2>Committer's Guide</h2>
  @@ -161,8 +161,14 @@
           <li>site2 approach - checkin and update</li>
           <li>scp approach - build local and copy (? sftp)</li>
  -        <li>burst approach - unjar documentation application</li>
  -        <li><b>umask 002</b></li>
  +        <li>burst approach - cp (or scp) war and unjar</li>
  +        <li><b>umask 002</b>
  +            <ul>
  +                <li>[cd ~], [cat .cshv], [vi .cshv], [umask 22], [umask 02], [:w],
  +                <li>[cd /www/jakarta.apache.org/${subproject}], [chmod -R g+w .]</li>
  +            </ul>
  +        </li>
  +        <li>[man li], [li -l], [li -a]</li>
     <li>Website docs - nightly build, current release, or both
  @@ -189,8 +195,22 @@
     <li>Release process. </li>
     <li><a href="http://jakarta.apache.org/site/binindex.html">Release Flavors</a></li>
     <li><a href="http://jakarta.apache.org/site/jakarta-site2.html">About This
  +  <li>Release directories are removed to "archives" when they are no longer the most
recent of that type.  For example, an RC1 release would go under "releases" until there was
either an RC2 or final release of the same version number (1.0.1 in this case).  In addition,
once there is a 1.0.2 final release, the 1.0.1 final release would go to "archives".</li>
     <li>Credit checks; granting emeritus status</li>
     <li>Needs site2 and web site access</li>
  +  <li>Definitions 
  +    <ul>
  +      <li>"Beta" a build that we think is approaching release quality, but things
(even significant things) can still change.</li>
  +      <li>"Release candidate" means we think this build is it, and will only change
high priority bugs -- and API changes are totally verbotten.</li>
  +    </ul>
  +  </li>  
  +<li>Where does the actual patch build come from?</li>
  +<li>Where does it need to be put to be available for download?</li>
  +<li>What Jakarta web pages do I need to modify to make the release available?</li>
  +<li>Which mailing lists is it appropriate to announce to?</li>
  +<li>Anything else I need to do?</li>
   <h2>Founder's Guide</h2>
  @@ -221,6 +241,92 @@
  +<section name="Brain Dumps">
  +> - Where does the actual patch build come from?
  +It comes from your build process.  What I do is run a "clean" then a
  +"dist" for the appropriate repository, then rename and package the "dist"
  +directory appropriately -- like this (for Struts):
  +    ant clean
  +    ant dist
  +    mv dist jakarta-struts-1.0.1
  +    tar zcvf jakarta-struts-1.0.1.tar.gz jakarta-struts-1.0.1
  +    zip -R jakarta-struts-1.01.zip jakarta-struts-1.0.1
  +Now, I've got the binary releases.  To get the sources, we want
  +essentially a carbon copy of the source repository, but *without* the CVS
  +directories.  I use "cvs export" for this purpose.  You'll want to end up
  +with "jakarta-struts-1.0.1-src" as the top-level directory name, and
  +package it into ".tar.gz" and ".zip" formats (same as the binary).
  +> - Where does it need to be put to be available for download?
  +For this, you need an account on daedalus (same machine as
  +jakarta.apache.org).  Since this used to be the CVS server as well, you
  +probably still have your account there - if not (or if you need the
  +password reset), send mail to "root@apache.org".
  +To upload the release to the server, first copy the distribution files to
  +your home directory:
  +  scp jakarta-struts-1.0.1* martinc@jakarta.apache.org:~/
  +On the server, the directory "/www/jakarta.apache.org" is the document
  +root for the Jakarta web server.  By convention, we put release builds
  +into a new directory under "builds".  So, from daedalus, do this:
  +  cd /www/jakarta.apache.org/builds/jakarta-struts/release
  +  mkdir v1.0.1
  +  chmod v1.0.1 775
  +  cd v1.0.1
  +  mv ~/jakarta-struts-1.0.1* .
  +  chmod jakarta-struts-1.0.1* 664
  +You can add some text to the bottom of the directory listing (like Ant
  +releases do, for example) by editing a README.html file in this directory.
  +It's useful to make the release notes accessible from here as well.
  +> - What Jakarta web pages do I need to modify to make the release available?
  +The majority of the Jakarta web site is auto-generated from the
  +"jakarta-site2" repository (similar to the way the Commons web site stuff
  +is generated).  So, the first step is to check out this repository.  The
  +instructions are in the README.txt file in the top level directory.
  +You will then want to change the following source files:
  +  xdocs/site/binindex.xml - Change the link for the release directory
  +  xdocs/site/sourceindex.xml - Change the link for the source directory
  +  xdocs/site/news.xml - Write a short news article describing the
  +    new release at the top of the page, including a link to where
  +    the release goes.
  +Then, run "./build.sh" to create the HTML format versions of the files,
  +and check them locally (they got created in "docs/site") -- be sure to
  +edit only the XML versions.  Finally, do a "cvs commit" to save
  +everything, and log back on to daedalus.  Then, execute:
  +  cd /www/jakarta.apache.org/site
  +  cvs update
  +which will update the real website from the HTML pages.  Double check that
  +they work from a browser, using the same technique to fix any problems.
  +> - Which mailing lists is it appropriate to announce to?
  +ANNOUNCEMENTS@JAKARTA.APACHE.ORG, along with the two Struts lists.
  +> - Anything else I need to do?
  +Accept my thanks for taking this on!  :-)

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