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From "Danny Angus" <da...@apache.org>
Subject RE: Site generation oddities
Date Mon, 03 Feb 2003 10:47:58 GMT

> Danny,


> Any idea what is causing this to be emitted in the HTML?
> <img ... src="http://james.apache.org///images/james-logo.jpg">
> Those '///' should be just '/'.

No idea whats causing this, its been doing it sonce before we switched to xsl therefore and
ipso-fact I would expect it is in project.xml

> Also, site.xsl is generating references to "/images/void.gif".  We don't
> have one.  Should we, to remove the error messages when it doesn't exist?
> I'll put one up into the CVS.

I think a transparent 1px named void.gif would probably be easier, where is this void.gif
coming from?

> Happily, those and some javadocs that have already been fixed 
> seem to be the
> only HTML errors on the james web site.
> What is our consensus on requesting a james-site module?

Well I'm +1 considering the following..

We'd then need to come up with seperate processes to build james-docs and the web-site.

If the web-site uses james' xdocs, but processes them differently, OK, if its going to mean
having two copies of xdocs then No Way.

If we could arrange for the web-site to be built from web-site xdocs, plus the xdocs and javadocs
from the stable branches/tags of the latest released versions of James and Mailet, then the
html commited to the website module, then big +1.

IMO product docs should be versioned with the source code, so they get tagged, branched and
distributed without extra steps to remember.
IMFO product docs and website should be intersecting sets, not set & subset, and both
have different requirements WRT layout & style.


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