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From Stefano Bagnara <apa...@bago.org>
Subject Re: website updated, maven2 poms, temporary repository, new artifacts
Date Sat, 29 Jul 2006 11:31:40 GMT
Noel J. Bergman wrote:
>> The new website is 42MB against the old 21MB.
> That's bad enough, but how are you counting?  I see 111MB online.  My 18MB,
> reported in an earlier message, was for a local copy of v2.1, so your 21MB
> is just fine with me as a reference value.

As you already noticed the new site is 42MB (in 111MB you're counting 
the .svn folders because it is a checkout and not an export).
Furthermore you already found out that we can even remove 13MB of 
duplicated javadocs and this will reduce our size around 30MB.

>> I need also to let you know that I added temporarily this repository to
>> our poms
> I continue to refuse to condone the use of Maven repositories until they fix
> the security issues.  And you might want to participate on
> repository@apache.org to find out what the policies are regarding maven
> repositories at the ASF.

I still don't understand the security issues.
You can manually check signatures of downloaded jars as you would do 
with manual downloads.

>> This way jspf, site and server websites can be built with a simple "mvn
>> site", otherwise we should wait an official release and publication of
>> the artifact on ibilio
> More importantly, if this is a correct fact, as you state and Alex also
> mentioned as a proble, that you need to create a repository for maven to
> work at all is reason to not use Maven.  If maven cannot work standalone, it
> should not be used.  Please tell me that Maven is not really that stupid a
> build system.
> 	--- Noel

Well, it seems that you're really against maven at all. As you are a 
member of ASF and maven is an ASF project you should talk with ASF in 
order to stop the development of that "dungerous" tool and stop 
infecting the world :-P

Beside joking I could change the configuration to use local jars 
(<scope>system</scope>) instead of using repositories, but maven 
repositories are really a good thing. IMO they are the solution, not the 

Furthermore I currently use it in server code just to create the 
website. The old website can be still generated with "ant website" so 
people doesn't need it. People won't need maven at all to build james 
server yet (even if I think this would be a good thing, and not a bad 

I also had some religious issue with maven at the beginning I was using 
it, but the more I learn it the more I like it. It has bad things but 
overall it is 300% better than ant or any other similar tool I used (ivy).

The latest update of the free "Better Builds With Maven" book is really 
interesting and I suggest reading it to any java project developer!


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