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From Niklas Therning <nik...@trillian.se>
Subject Re: mime4j updates
Date Mon, 28 Aug 2006 19:42:32 GMT
I've made some changes to pom.xml. There was an error in the Subversion
URLs (mime4k instead of mime4j). Also I had some tests failing on my
computer. The reason was that the sources weren't compiled using the
iso8859-1 encoding. I've fixed that too in the pom.

BTW, the eclipse project created using Maven looks odd. It lists
target/generated-sources/jjtree/org/mime4j/field/address/parser/ as a
source folder while it should be target/generated-sources/jjtree. I
think it's ok for know though.

Stefano Bagnara wrote:
> Niklas Therning wrote:
>>> I then generated the website (mvn site) and committed it to the
>>> site/www repository. You can see the result here:
>>> http://people.apache.org/~bago/james/www/mime4j/
>>> If everything is ok this will become official on the next "svn
>>> update" on minotaur.
>> The site looks great. We need to replace the link on the download page
>> that point to sourceforge to something else. Also, IIRC the samples page
>> lists some samples that only exist locally on my computer. Sorry about
>> that. I'll have a look at it tonight and commit the changes to your
>> branch. Is that ok?
> I didn't create the sample folder in the branch yet.
> So if you're fastern than me than commit the samples to the trunk.
> Otherwise if I will have already created the samples/examples folder
> in the branch add them to the branch.
Well, the samples I talked about are not nearly finished so I won't be
able to add those to the branch. But I've at least removed them from the
samples page for now. I've also updated the build instructions page to
use Maven 2 instead of 1. I think it looks ok now.
> I'll replace the download link as soon as we vote for a release and
> put the release in the ASF repository.
Ok, great!
> I updated the official site, now in http://james.apache.org/mime4j/
> you can see the new website.
> The redirect would be perfect: btw we'll link always
> http://james.apache.org/mime4j/ and not www.mime4j.org (that is not an
> ASF resource).
Great! I'll make www.mime4j.org redirect to the new location.
>>> What about the issue tracking for Mime4J? I see that we don't have a
>>> JIRA project for it and that on sourceforge there is an old issue
>>> tracker. Should we create the JIRA "MIME4J" subproject (like we did
>> I'd like that.
> Serge is the one with the karma for this. Now he's a lot busy and does
> not follow the list. As this is not an high priority task we should
> wait for him to be less busy and ask the MIME4J project creation.
> I'm not sure if we could ask for this creation to the infra team instead.
I'm ok with waiting 'til he's less busy.


Niklas Therning

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